I went on the trip to challenge myself – physically and emotionally. I wanted to do Outward Bound as a high schooler but it wasn’t in our budget. I wasn’t sure I could physically handle it as a 30-something-year-old recent survivor but I was up for the challenge! 

I loved the night alone – I am not an alone person ever (and I have 4 kids so never have that opportunity) but it challenged me to get inside my head and process what had happened during my battle, then get outside my head and realize this is my new reality – I will be a survivor forever so time to take that scar (both physical and emotional scar) and make it shine!

Favorite part of the trip was meeting the other warrior women, sharing stories of our lives before breast cancer and how we battled – same disease, so many different experiences!

This is an opportunity you will not regret – challenge yourself, process your experience, come back refreshed and ready to open the next chapter in the book of your life!

– Beth S.